Our trained Damage Prevention Technicians can help find it before your equipment does.

We offer  Private Underground Locating of utilities and other objects.

What does Private Underground Locating mean? It is finding and marking all buried services you or your company owns before digging starts. The exact spot ownership changes from Public to Private vary with the service provider. Service lines may be struck when carrying out projects as simple as planting a tree or driving in a sign post. So be safe and call for a private locate before the project begins.

Some applications are: mapping drainage tile in fields and golf courses, electrical cables in concrete and earth, locate USTs (tanks), burial sites and mapping, subsurface sink holes and cavities, as well as the more standard communication, gas, power, water and sewer. Also Bore Hole (BH) clearing, magnetic surveys, electrical ground fault, abandon well, and property stakes locates can be done.

We are situated close to Windsor, Sarnia, and London  in southern Ontario.

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What we do...

  • EM ( electromagnetic)
  • GPR (ground penetrating radar)
  • Concrete Scanning
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