Kent Locating Service uses three different pieces of equipment to help you precisely locate your underground property or for the contractor to help find objects in your work area.

The Noggin GPR cart is a very good tool used in locating Non-conductors , UST’s ,old trenches, abandoned graves, plastic pipe, fibre-optics, septic systems etc. and electrical, communication, gas, water and sewer that are within its depth abilities.

The EM (electromagnetic) equipment is what is seen often working along streets and roads marking cables and pipes. It is very good at identifying individual services, wires and pipes. It works only with conductors, or on plastic pipes that are open to allow a small transmitter to be inserted. The conductor must be properly grounded to allow an alternating current to move along it, creating an electro-magnetic field which can be traced with a receiver. Direct clipping to a wire or pipe gives us the best results and is the reason we need full access to the utility service areas to do our work properly. Calling for a locate before work starts can prevent damage to workers and property.

We use this system to mark and map electrical, communications cable, gas with tracer wire, metal piping, electrical ground faults, Parking lot light cable, electric sign cable, pump house cable etc.

If you require our service, even to help you decide who to call, or for an estimate call 519 365 9411.

Try to give a couple of days notice, the busy season is in the spring and fall.

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What we do...

  • EM ( electromagnetic)
  • GPR (ground penetrating radar)
  • Concrete Scanning
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